Here are some links to video of Jeremy Lin:
  • Jeremy Lin's Mixtape -Aug 2010 - A sic mix of Jeremy Lin highlights by jafaramma aka Jwafan Productions. To view, click here.
  • Yao Ming's Charity Event, Taiwan - Summer 2010 - Up close and personal video of Jeremy Lin during his visit to Taiwan to participate in Yao Ming's Charity game. To view, click here.
  • Mavs vs. Wizards, Summer League 2010 - This is the game that locked up a contract for JLin. He had played very solid throughout the first 3 games and 3 quarters of summer league. However, he took it to the next level when he was matched up against John Wall in the 4th quarter. As they say, the rest is history. To view, click here.
  • Mavs vs. Nuggets, Summer League 2010 - JLin shows some nice moves to the basket. However, most impressive to me is the defensive highlight showing JLin's defensive propensity and shot blocking prowess. To view, click here.
  • TSN SC - Top 10 Must See Moments Nov 2009 - Sports Center Top 10: Kobe #7, JLin Game Winner #6. To view, click here.
  • The Legend of Jeremy Lin Sep 2008 - JLin 2 hand slam during pickup game. To view, click here.
  • SF Summer League Aug 2008 - JLin with the crossover and then the and 1. To view, click here.