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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Knicks @ Bucks Post Game

I watched the DVR late last night after reading the comments here and the media's take. Again, from JLin colored eyes, I totally, totally, disagree with 99% of what I hear. This to me was a great game by the team and an unbelievable game by Jeremy:

JLin hit at least 3 jumpers with his toe on the 3 pt line,  3 inches from being 4-5 from 3.

JLin was all over the court and played tremendous D on Jennings at end.

The ball movement was great, thus 29 assists and 55.4% shooting.

The JLin-Baron combo we talked about weeks ago is taking shape.

Amare looks so much better since getting down to 245 lbs over the All-Star break.

He is even playing some help defense for JLin by hedging on screens.

Melo made a great pass to Amare in the last few seconds but traveling was called.

Both teams moved the ball and shot lights out, reminding me of the 80's NBA.

Remember, the Bucks just loss on a last second shot to the Bulls. Obviously, defense and rebounding were not the strong points last night. However, once Tyson and Jeffries are back, and the Knicks work out the right combination of offensive/defense lineups, this team is going to be just incredible. They will be as good as anyone. As I said in the beginning of Lin-Sanity, they will challenge for the NBA title.

The most impressive part of the whole game was after Jeremy's great D caused Brandon Jennings to throw up a brick and the Knicks giving up the offensive tip then put back, Jeremy lit up into the team, yelling right in the direction of Amare and Melo. It seemed like he said "come on, I'm working my butt off shutting down one of the best one on one players in the NBA and you can't box out Ersan Ilyasova!"

Game highlights:

Post game interviews - JLin, Stat, JR:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

JLin Seven

Seven JLin takes:

1.  The NBA needs to fine Jason Kidd for the flagrant 2 foul on Jeremy. He almost decapitated him and then pulled his head back. The only reason there was no anger shown from the Knicks players was because it was Jason. Before JLin, JKidd was my favorite player, but come on, that was just wrong.

2.  One major problem for Jeremy has been the injury to Tyson Chandler's hand. He hurt it a few weeks ago in the victory at home against Dallas. He has had to wear a big pad and has fumbled away a bunch of JLin assists as well as contributing to Jeremy's turnover total. It looks like it'll be a problem all year and Tyson will just have to play through the pain.

3.  I'm liking that the Lin-sanity has died down a bit. It takes some of the spotlight off of JLin and gives him extra time and space. I feel Jeremy has actually played pretty well since the Miami game. He will be battle tested come playoff time as all of the top teams and point guards are coming at him with playoff intensity. This will only spur his growth and development.

4. Since the break, here are some stats. Remember, he is doing this while trying to figure things out with Carmelo and Stat and 3 of 4 on the road against recent NBA champions:

16.8 ppg

7.3 apg

1.8 spg

almost 3:1 Assist to turnover ratio

5.  One thing I'd like to see is a little inside outside game with Carmelo and JLin. Jeremy's 3 point stroke is looking good and he may have to help himself by hitting a bunch of three pointers to spread the floor. Carmelo has actually passed well out of double teams to Jeremy.

6.  Coach Doc's Pinewood Girls team won in the 1st round of the Norcal Div V playoffs 61-37 with 15 threes. It looks like they could be on a collision course with CCS rival Eastside Prep, a team stacked with college talent.

7.  In part three of our interview with Coach Doc, we ask him what player from the past or present would he say Jeremy compares to. Who do you think it is? We'll post the answer and rest of the interview on Saturday.

Amazing Interview with Doc Scheppler Part Two

Ironically, Doc's Pinewood High School Girls won last night in the first round of the Norcal Div. V playoffs, led by a 5'0", Freshman, Asian-American point guard. Good luck to Coach Doc and his team the rest of the way.

Interview Part One

Interview Part Two: His shot looks much better then when he played in the D-league but his shooting percentage isn't much better. Will it just take time?  

Doc: Yes, He's only going to get better and when it becomes fully integrated in his game mindset...he'll thrive as a player. Where do you see his shooting percentages leveling off at?

Doc: I'm thinking he can be a 90% FT shooter, 50% Field goal shooter and a 40% 3 point shooter ... How was it working with him this past summer?   

Doc: A motivated learner is a dream for teacher.  He was always receptive, engaging and inquisitive...A lot of communicative sharing and fun. Everyone talks about his work ethic. Do you have anything to add to that? 

Doc: Motivation is a strong emotion.  He wants to be great... He wanted to prove people wrong... He was motivated by $$$$$.  He's motivated by winning... He always gave everything he had... Sounds like you spent considerable time with him over the summer. Can you share a little bit about Jeremy the person? Maybe a story or two that shows us something new about JLin? 

Doc: The Beat the Ghost story has been published in the NY Times and Mercury News.. Basically a shooting game when you have to get to 21 before you miss 7... You keep a running score Ghost gets 3 when you get 1 on a make.. One particular day he didn't want to move on until he beat the ghost.. an hour later and 12 games after he finally won 21-12... thats 21-25 from NBA 3.. He commented how he sucked today.  I figured out what his percentage was and it was about 71% on the day.. Yeh, you sucked all right... "Doc, i'm not into moral victories!"  I have to beat the ghost..... Or I told him of a female player (a Harvard Classmate, Liz Altmaier) who beat the ghost from college 3... 21-3...thats 21-22...I told him this in June when we were working on form shooting and standing shots.... 5 months later in November when we were warming up with our "Batting Practice Catch and shoot shots at the top of the key... He made his first 20 missed the next 1 and made the next... his comment "Damn, I wanted to beat Liz" An example of his competitiveness! We also play a Free throw game called Free throw golf... 9 alternating shots... Perfect swish-1 Made shot Par... missed shot +1.. you get an eagle for a banked free throw (but you only get one of these in your nine shots.. We had some epic battles back and forth.. As the trophy I used a badminton birdie like the Masters Green Jacket.. Whoever won that day got to keep the birdie... Seies stands Jeremy 18 Doc-14...and I want that birdie back!   We had one game that I won -8 to -7... Thats 6 perfect swishes.. 2 makes and a bank make...2 shots from perfection.. Is he planning to work with you this coming summer?  

Doc: I believe so... We haven't talked specifics but we will continue the process of Operation $$$$$$ Jumper! What other things wilyou be working on?  

Doc: I want him to be a great shooter in all situations..In other words..Hit a triple threat drive fake and shot just as easily as  a catch and shoot.  A pull back as easy as a quick pull up.  I want him to Beat the Ghost in all situations... Thats lofty....but he can and will do it! What was it like going out to NYC to see Jeremy play in person?

Doc: Surreal..It was mind boggling to see my friend at MSG...everybody loves him.. How do think he is handling all of the fame and spotlight in the Big Apple? 

Doc: I'm sure this wears on him, but he'll adjust to his status and find a comfort zone... and this mania will level off What's your thoughts on why he was overlooked at every level? 

Doc: I can go for paragraphs about all the possible reasons but it comes to being a winning basketball player....He does everything the right way...which leads to his team winning... his vision, knowledge of passing angles,deception, timing, principles of play are qualities you really have a hard time measuring with statistical data...Joe Montana and Tom Brady are perfect football examples who flew underneath the radar at so many levels of Evaluation and they are 2 of the greatest quarterbacks ever!!!!  You can't measure their intangibles

Continued in Part Three (final)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Knicks @ Spurs Post Game

This was a real ugly game as the Knicks best defenders, Tyson and Jeffries were out. The biggest problem I see going forward is the offensive/defensive balance and being able to spread the floor. You always need at least one of those two on the court for defense. Too bad we couldn't combine Jeffries and Novak. That would be perfect for the stretch 4/5. There's still a lot of time to figure it out.

It's amazing how bad opposing point guards want to outplay JLin. They're all coming at him with playoff like intensity. Should be more of the same next game against Brandon Jennings who could go for 40 against our weak pick and roll defense.

Funny how after their "JLin game", their intensity tails off:

Here is Rondo's line tonight in a loss at Phili:

5 pts

8 assists

1 rebound

Imagine if Jeremy played like this in a 32 point blowout loss.

For those of you jumping off the Lin-Sanity bandwagon, take a look at these per 36 minute stats for this season not including tonight:


Points 20.9 22.9
Assists 8.7 7.7
Rebounds 4.2 3.3
Steals 2.1 .9
FG% .458 .460
3P% .313 .328

His line from tonight:

20pts, 4 assists, 3 rebs, 3 steals, .467% FG, .50% 3P, 1 TO. Thats 11 Assists and 3 Turnovers in the last two games.

Can you see much difference between the reigning MVP and our boy Jeremy's stats?

Jeremy and Stats Post game interviews:

Of course NY media saying if Baron scored we'd be talking about who should be starting. I guess they don't realize he is shooting .29% from the field and has a higher turnover rate then Jeremy:

Rapid Reaction: Spurs 118, Knicks 105 - Knicks Blog - ESPN New York

Knicks @ Spurs Game Thread

Shumpert starting for Fields like we suggested. Harrellson starting for injured Tyson. Jeffries is out.

Let see if Jeremy can lead NY to a victory over the Spurs. It would be the first for the Knicks @ San Antonio in 10 years.

Amazing Interview With Doc Scheppler Part One

We are honored and privileged to be able to interview Doc Scheppler, Jeremy's shooting coach. Doc is a coaching genius, who has led the Pinewood High School Girls team to five Div V California State titles. His team last year won the state title, with 5 players off of that team now playing at the Division 1 level. Here is part one of our interview in which Doc shares some amazing insights and incredible detail on Jeremy and his game. How did you hook up with Jeremy Lin? 

Doc: Peter Diepenbrock was Jeremy's High School coach.  I coached Peter at Burlingame High School between 1978-1980..I had watched several of his games in  high school.  When Jeremy was playing at Harvard he came back over the summer and sought Peter's help with his moves and shooting. I watched and partcipated in one of these workouts.  After being drafted by the Warriors last year we had planned to work on his shooting together, but that never materialized because he got an offer from Yao Ming to tour China.... Nice choice..  He knew he had to make fundamental changes in his shooting form to maximize his potential as an NBA player.  In his first year with the Warriors he made dramatic progress in becoming that shooter.. During warm-ups of one of his games I noticed this process starting...So when we finally met late last spring the changes were already starting. How much time did you spend with him over the summer? 

Doc: In late May we met at Pinewood to start the process.  He had just gone through a procedure for his partial patellar tendon tear so his mobility was limited but we started to put in the important aspects of Operation $$$$$$$ Jumper. After seeing his PT the next day they told him no running or jumping until further notice... We decided to work on his release only without jumping and that proved to be a valuable tool in mastering one aspect of being a great shooter... He brought his brother Joseph for some shooting work as well....and that was valuable tool in the learning process.....Seeing first-hand what we were going to do with his shot.. He loved the new concepts of my philosophy of developing a shooting mentality.... and he saw Joseph improve immediately.. We met off and on for 3x a week to make sure his shot was on the right path until his clearance to run and jump.  We started going 3-4x a week in August and continued right up to the end of the lockout.. What did you think of his shooting form before working with him? 

Doc: He had several shooting changes to make with regard to the 3 basic aspects of shooting1)Balance 2)Release 3) Rhythm...

Balance-  His feet were too close and would affect a movement shooting situation .. We want his feet directly under his shoulders to give him a solid base and more comfort in a 3 joint athletic position. Ankles, Knees and Hips flexed.  We also made his catch and shoot to be a mini one sound stop which automatically puts him in balance without thought and allows a slightly quicker shot release. 

Release.. He had already started to bring his shooting pocket or slot down durig the Warriors season.. His high school and college shot involved taking the ball too far behind his head and "throwing" the ball.  He started shooting this way when most younger guys start making the progression from shooting below their head to above their head.. After being a great shooter in junior high he didn't make the proper progression to above his head..

Rhythm-  He had too much leg explosion and his shot release occurred too late in relation to his jump which made it an "angry" ball coming out of his hands.. This throwing action occurs when players have to produce more upper body force to get the ball to the rim.  The overhead action helps getting the ball there....but there's no gauge of distance control to really become great. Can you talk about a few technical aspects that you worked on with Jeremy?

Doc: To understand what goes into a made shot 2 things have to occur...direction and force.  During his rehab we stressed form shooting to hit a particular spot on the board for 3 reasons...Direction, arc angle, perfect symmetry of his wrist,elbow, and shoulder to hit that spot.  Even though he was hurt,, this was critical in improving his release and when he could jump and was already established as a learned, mastered aspect of his shot.We wanted to eliminate all directional misses(left/right) Balance-  As stated earlier, he spread his feet underneath his shoulders and made his stop a single sound stop in catch and shoot situations.  This was the easiest of the changes to implement.

Release-  We focused on having a relaxed grip on the ball to create an effective wrist snap.  Initially it was too tight...then a bit floppy which caused a couple of left/ right misses..The crucial joint for a shooter is their wrist.  It must be flexing throughout motion of the shot.  The word "snap" was a crucial cue phrase for him to feel.  As a teacher it's imperative you get your student to "feel" your corrective cues.. They can have a self-aware, self-directive control when they work by themselves.  They feel when it's right and when it's wrong. We had to do some lead up drills in all shooting situations to get the ball in his pocket EVERY time... Once it was was a matter of releasing in beautiful form..

Rhythm-  As stated earlier we had to recalibrate the release of the ball in relation to his jump...  We had to dial down his jump...making it efficient yet explosive... controlled, yet quick.  We wanted him to start his release on the way up so he'd release the ball at the peak of his jump..The crucial aspect was to get him to use his arms to help his quick lift, and dually.... bring the ball to his pocket.  I refer to this as "WAH" Lifting the ball quickly while exploding efficiently...This puts you in great rhythm to a fluid, polished shot.... WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  We did lots of lead up drills to establish this principle..and to this day we still talk about how his WAH is..The result is a beautiful text book shot...After establishing these core changes we attacked shooting in all situations 

They have 3 main categories....1) Catch and Shoot 2)Triple Threat 3) Off dribble 

We worked very hard on developing his shot making ability in all of these shooting situations.  similar to a golfer having every shot in his bag... a shooter has to have the same mentality in shooting development.  We also worked on developing the ability to finish in a variety of ways within a 10 foot area of the rim... just now he's really working on his runners, floaters, and craftier finishes around the rim that will make him a more effective player.. I'd like to see him use a 2 footed stop more to supplement his left foot take off finishes.

Continued in Part two...

Knicks @ Mavs Post Game

I just finished watching the DVR of the game. I actually liked a lot of things from the Knicks tonight. Amare has his spring back and Jeremy was finding him. Jeremy's D was great on Kidd and solid on Roddie. His stroke looked good but was just a little long on the 3's. He is taking good care of the ball. Carmelo had a bad game. I think you need to insert Shumpert into the starting lineup for his D and energy. This will help JR with his rhythm coming off the bench. Then, you bring in Fields at the 3. Everybody, take a deep breath and relax, the Knicks will be fine and Jeremy is playing well.

My biggest concern are the cheap shots on Jeremy. He is getting hit in the head constantly every game. Whenever he goes to the basket, he gets hit in the face area. Jason's foul on Jeremy was a blatant flagrant foul. Also, Dirk pushed Jeremy out of the way when JLin had him boxed out and there was no call. Eventually, they have to start calling these. They are so obvious.

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