Friday, March 5, 2021

Two more regular season games to go...

Always excited to watch knowing Jeremy will be running the show! 

Btw, super excited to have Nicole join the site especially as we enter this next chapter in Jeremy's story. We hope to have some appealing and engaging write-ups coming your way soon..

Thanks jcsantos for this:

Box Scores and Play-by-Plays

March 5 @ 4:30pm PT vs Rio Grande Valley Vipers (9th place w/ 7-6)
G-League official site:

March 6 @ 12:30pm PT vs OKC Blue (5th place w/ 8-4)
G-League official site:

Streaming Options

Livestream Youtube channel (courtesy of Phil Hwang):

Possible streaming alternative - NBA G-League's official Twitch:

There hasn't been a streaming service that's been consistently reliable so just hope at least one of them works for certain games. At worst case, search Youtube for "Santa Cruz Warriors" then filter to "Last Hour" to get a bunch of videos that may show first few minutes or up to end of 1st quarter.

SCW Regular Season Schedule


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