Thursday, February 11, 2021

SC Warriors Game #1 Grade

I'm giving Jeremy an 83/100 for his first game in the G League. A solid B to me. If he had hit a few more open jumpers, shown a little better wind, or even played a little better on the pick and roll d, I would have easily put him in the B+, A- range. 

In general, I really like the situation his is in. Even the SC Warriors play like the Warriors, smart and for the most part unselfish. He should get 30-35 minutes a game and as his conditioning improves, I see really good things ahead.


+ Efficient

+ Plus/Minus of +6

+ Solid shooting 2/4 3pt, 4-4 ft

+ Got to free throw line a bunch

+ 5 to 1 Turnover to Assist ratio

+ Very good man to man defense (stayed in front of JG for the most part and didn't get beat one on one)

+ Took a charge to go along with 3 steals

+ Ran team well from point guard position as evidenced by +-


- Looked a bit tired as game went on and obviously still needs to get legs under him

- Thus short on a few open jumpers

- Would like to see a little better stickiness on pnr's but that's also a teamwork thing

- Needs to put up a few more shots. Passed up a few good open looks

- Also, I think this will come when he is in better shape, but quicker moves with change of pace

- Leaving Jack at end of the first half is a no no that he knows better

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