Monday, June 17, 2019

The "Ring"

Deep insights:

Just got back from vacation and had some time to process this Championship journey for Jeremy. For me, it's been very bittersweet. I'm happy for Jeremy that he's been able to reach his final goal of winning an NBA ring. However, as a long time die-hard Lin fan, it's been very tough to find true joy in it. I think the main reason is knowing Jeremy is not an end of the bench player at this point in his career. This could have been the perfect opportunity to show the world that he can still play and be a rotational player on a Championship team. However, circumstances where such that things just didn't work out. We've talked about it and Jeremy has as well ad nauseam.

It was great to hear in this podcast his extreme motivation for next season.  With the craziness that is the NBA, it should be another unpredictable season and who knows where he will wind up. With one healthy season under his belt and a short offseason coming up, Jeremy knows now more than ever what he needs to bring to a team next season. The "Ring" chapter is complete. Now, on to the next...

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