Saturday, May 18, 2019

ECF Game 3 Raptors vs Bucks

Update 9:35am:

Sounds like Nurse might make a few lineup changes. My guess is upper management calling the shots especially after seeing Warriors and Blazers make adjustments. The Raptors can still win this next game or two without the bench but not this series. If they get swept or lose in 5, Kawhi is gone and Nurse will be as well. Guy is so sensitive when being asked about lineup and bench. Probably even read the tweet about being a coward and that pushed JLin further down the bench. Just a reminder, JLin has scored in the 20’s in the playoffs before and is the best playmaker you have off the bench. Things may get desperate.

As bad as VanVleet has been playing, Danny Green has actually been worse and Gasol not far behind. Nurse coaches with no confidence in his bench and has no clue on how to sub. I know he won't but he needs to think about starting Powell and maybe even Ibaka. If not, you have to sub much earlier. The only way they can come back and win this series is to get the bench going. I would actually play Boucher a little. He can actually match up with Ilyasova who Gasol can't guard. You have to at least try JLin on Brogdan. But I'm not holding my breath.

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