Saturday, April 27, 2019

ECS Game 1 Raptors vs 76ers

The Sixers are a better matchup for Jeremy but I still don't expect any meaningful playing time unless there is an injury. From my eyes, Jeremy just hasn't looked right since coming to the Raptors.

I'd speculate that after not meeting his own expectations, as well as the expectations of his teammates and coaches, during his initial opportunity, his confidence has been shaken. Now, there could be multiple reasons for his poor play such as his back and knee or just not fitting into the Raptors system. However, it's the playoffs and it is what it is.

He just has to persevere, make the most of any opportunity and not hesitate or second guess himself when given the chance. Then get his body, mind, and game right this summer.

I may not have mentioned this in the past, but I've always felt he needs to focus his summer more on his game than on his Asia trip. A short trip is fine but especially after his injuries, it seems to me he needs to spend more time at Fortuis and with Doc. For those if you who don't know, Jeremy spent close to 6 months straight working almost daily with Doc right before Linsanity. And it wasn't so much that his shooting percentage was that great, but his muscle memory was ingrained and his belief and confidence in his shot was there. I know that the season isn't over yet but just felt a need to share this.

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