Monday, March 25, 2019

Raptors vs Bulls

It’s been very, very, very tough to watch what has happened to Jeremy since joining the Raptors.

There are many factors that have contributed to this situation but I think two things we need to remember. He looks close to fully recovered physically from a possible career ending injury. Which we should all be grateful for. Second, he had to redo all his body movements after this injury so his muscle memory is not ingrained.

I know no one wants to hear excuses and there will be/and are lots of people bad mouthing and turning on him. 

I still have faith that somehow something good can come from this but it’s hard to see right now.

I won’t abandon ship and will go down with him if things don’t turn around.

Finally, just a reminder for all those deserting him now and all the know it alls who think they know more than Jeremy on how to compete at the NBA level, I don’t see any other Asian American basketball player on the horizon even excelling at the D1 college level. The odds of even making it in the NBA is less than .03% and you can probably add a bunch more zero’s if they are Asian American.

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