Monday, February 25, 2019

Next one is in

The two key areas I saw with Jeremy coming into this situation were turnovers and 3 point shooting. So far, even with the unfamiliarity and changing lineups, his turnover rate looks well under control. He has been struggling with his 3 point shot for awhile now. To me it seems all mental. His stroke looks fine and is evident in his free throw percentage which is at an all time high and most of his misses are not short.

He is giving up open 3’s and you can see the hesitation and reversion to his strong suite of driving. Of course JLin knows and sees this in his game. But a good reminder is the early season shooting slumps of Klay and Steph. If they can go 1-17, you realize every other player can as well. The key is the belief that you will start making them at a higher rate and the only way you can do that is to keep shooting.

Fortunately there is time to get things on track and he will continue to get opportunities. I’m confident he will. Next one is in!!..

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