Friday, November 9, 2018

Trust The Process

From Doc: "All a process of gradual progression in movement, skill, decisions, and confidence..."

After about a month and a half of being cleared to play 5 on 5, Jeremy is progressing amazingly well! No one, including Jeremy himself, knew what to expect as his injury is so rare. I was very concerned that he would never get back to his starter level of play, but it looks like he is on track.  If he keeps on this trajectory and with Trae's rookie struggles, you'll see his minutes continue to rise and starting at some point is not out of the question. This team right now really just needs to learn how to play the right way. To many bad shots and not enough ball movement, especially from Prince and at times Bembry, although I like his hustle.  It's obvious that Dedmon should be starting instead of Len. I really like Spellman's overall game, and having John Collins back will make a world of difference.

Here are some amazing stats for JLin so far:

per 36 min

20.9 points
5.75 assists

46.7 fg%
88.4 ft%
33.3 3pt%

This from a guy who is coming off a patellar tendon complete tear and not playing a full NBA game in almost 2 years! His free throw percentage is on pace to blow away all his past years. Also, his free throws per 36 is over 7 attempts which is his highest rate since his Linsanity year in New York! Keep it up Jeremy!

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