Sunday, November 25, 2018

Nice Win

That was a nice win for the Hawks...but still so frustrating as a Lin fan to see him not used at all during crunch time. I know that it's all about Trae but Coach should have used him as an offensive substitution at the end. Jeremy right now is playing at an amazingly high level on offensive and also playing very good d as well.

For those who say he was not shooting enough, I don't agree with that at all. The 5 for 9 in 21 minutes is over 15 shots per 36. For Jeremy, 15-16 shots per 36 seems like his sweet spot. In the fourth, the 2 guys who need to have better shot selection, took horrible quick shots. Then Jeremy gets pulled and one of them stays in. Man that just sucks. The one good thing was seeing JLin play with Trae for a few minutes in the first half.

Updated Stats after Game #20:

21.8 points per 36
6.1 assists per 36
51.3% fg
42.4% 3p

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