Thursday, July 12, 2018

Jeremy Traded to the Hawks

Man, really so sad to see Jeremy leaving Brooklyn. You could kinda see the writing on the wall. The Nets are building and needed his salary to make their other trade for Faried and Arthur work (also salary dumps). He really didn't get a chance to show his stuff with all of his injuries the past 2 years. You'd think with the new Taiwanese owner would want to keep him but can't blame Sean Marks for looking towards next years free agent class. You have to thank the Nets for the $36 million and move on.

Atlanta seems like an odd fit but look for the Hawks to trade Schroeder. If they do so and keep Jeremy, he'll be looked upon to mentor Trae Young. If healthy, he could have a strong statistical season which he'll need coming into free agency as a 31 year old heading into the 2019-2020 season. Not much more you can say but just hang in there Jeremy. Things don't look so great now but we have to just keep the faith.

From Woj:

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