Thursday, June 22, 2017

Quick Takes

Brook for DLo Trade:

The Good
-Acquired young talent without a lottery pick
-Could still be a great trade chip
-DLo is a dynamic playmaker, who seems like a good offensive fit next to JLin
-DLo very good passer
-Brook could opt out after next year
-Brook a black hole who took 19 shots per 36 min.
-Mosgov actually a decent big who can be productive in a Zaza type way

The not so Good
-At 6'3 1/4" measured at combine (may have grown a bit) kind of smallish backcourt
-Attitude has been issue but young and could mature
-DLo defensively not great and not a great athlete
-Brook had become a great 3 point threat and Mosgov won't give you any of that
-Mosgovs 3 years at about 16 mil per year added to salary cap (but have really no other choice)

NorCal High School Asian All Star Game Live Stream Tonight:

No doubt my top 2020 Asian American prospect:

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