Wednesday, June 28, 2017

My Top Choices

With Free Agency about to start on July 1st, the Nets are a good PF and SF away from being serious contenders this year.

After considering Unrestricted vs Restricted, age, salary, teams salary cap situations, player fit (3 and D most important in my mind), will they actually consider the Nets, character, and of course talent, here are my picks. I would go after 2 starter level free agents and you have to overpay as they are Restricted:

JaMychal Green (15-18 mil) and Tony Snell (12-14 mil), my backups are Patrick Patterson and CJ Miles:

Also, at the bottom, an Asian kid if he was 5 inches taller, we'd start a for sure.

Tony Snell:

Walter Lum:

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