Monday, April 10, 2017

Nets @ Celtics Postgame

Finally, Kenny plays JLin more than 31 minutes and what happens? JLin goes off for 26 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 block, and 1 TO, and an incredible 16/17 from the line!! Even with teammates who for most of the game don't even look to him as their leader. Do you see the difference on how IT gets the ball back and gets greats screens constantly? I don't know if people realize just how amazing a game that was by Jeremy.

As well as he played, some of my frustrations from the start of the season arose again.  First playing time. I just don't get Kenny's minute distributions. If Jeremy got to finish a few quarters, those 3-4 extra minutes playing against 2nd teams makes all the difference, not just for his stats, but in winning games. You finally saw this in the 3rd quarter tonight. He still should have played a few more minutes in the first and come back a little sooner in the 4th. What do you have to lose? 36-38 minutes won't kill him. Amazingly, Jeremy only averages a few more minutes than Whitehead per game. I know the excuse about injury but it still blatantly unbalanced. Every coach or team I've ever seen, plays there best players a lot more than their backups. Just mind boggling to me.

And why is RHJ still allowed to rush up the floor with the ball even JLin is in front of him? This frustrates me to no end! Yes, he played well but if he could actually finish a contested layup or had some sense of when not to dribble, he'd be a keeper. Can he learn? I'm skeptical but think we really need to replace him in the starting lineup next year to contend. Whitehead is the other head scratcher. I like his toughness, rebounding, and defense. He can finish pretty well but can't shoot or pass and man his decision making is down there with RHJ and Booker and terms of low bball IQ. Let's hope Kenny can work on their IQ's this summer. That would make the biggest difference.

Last complaint. Tommy Heinsohn. He may be a Celtic legend and Hall of Famer but the guy has no clue on Jeremy. Did you hear him rag on JLin' defense? Also, sounds like he was about to call JLin a backup but instead said something like he is not a good lead guard. How crazy is that when he is playing IT an All Star, top 5 MVP candidate evenly if not even outplaying him overall? This just shows you, it can be right in front of you in plain sight, but if you're mind sees things a certain way, it doesn't matter what you see.

By the way, we need to look up who has ever gone at least 16 of 17 from the line. My guess is there are only a few players ever, and they're most likely All Star level to Hall of Fame level players. Well, only one game left but Jeremy is really showing us what these Nets can become.
Don't forget this was against the #1 seed in the East, with everything to play for and we were right there with this roster. If we can just get a couple upgrades at the SG and PF, man there is no telling how exciting next year will be!!!

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