Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Nets @ Knicks Pregame

JLin has been playing great since returning even though I'd say he's playing at about 85-90%. One thing that has become crystal clear, this Nets roster has only 3 legit starters with Caris Levert looking like JLin's potential backcourt mate as we predicted before the season started.

RHJ has been a huge disappointment. Didn't realize he had such a low bball IQ. Also, does not finish quickly enough around the basket. Trevor Booker has been another big disappointment. I thought with starter minutes he would show up big. Wrong again, another low bball IQ guy. Man, really gotta get Milsap next year. I gotta throw in Joe Harris as well. He looked like he could be Korver lite but again, low bball IQ (always trying to go off the dribble on close outs and turning it over) and really not that great a shooter. Finally, Whitehead. Not sure why it took them almost the whole season to realize he isn't a pg. Could see that day one. Honestly, the only roll player I really like at this point is Quincy Acy. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying these roll guys can't develop down the road, I'm just not willing to wait a few years and hope.

Can't end without a critic on Coach. Obviously, we saw without JLin how weak the talent level is. Once JLin came back it's easy to forget this as he changes the rotations and now the roll players seem to be decent going against backups. However, Kenny's minute distributions are very head scratching. I get that the top 3 guys are coming off recent injuries, but I've never seen guys get so many unearned  minutes. Thus you see the same mistakes over and over.

Even with all of this, JLin alone, makes this team competitive and exciting to watch. My big idea right now is throw the max at Paul Milsap next off season who will be unrestricted. He played for Kenny and even though is getting up in years (I think he'll be 33), would be a very good pnr partner for JLin and fill the pf slot.

Well, that's all for next season. For now, lets enjoy Jeremy inflicting more pain on the hapless Knicks!

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