Thursday, October 6, 2016

Lin Now, Win Now

With the preseason about to start, I want to give my quick take on what I expect from JLin and the Nets. Going from a Phenom to a bench player has been tough to swallow. But as the saying goes "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". Jeremy has really grown as player and as a person is now truly ready to lead his own team. The oft-repeated line of even JLin doesn't want Linsanity again is true in the sense he doesn't want to be known as a flash in the pan. He wants sustained greatness or lets say LINmitless Linsanity.

Coach Kenny is the perfect coach for him. He believes in Jeremy and will play to his strengths and will give him the keys. He will challenge him but also support him. He will give Jeremy multiple pick and roll opportunities. How good does that sound after years of JLin having to always defend pnr's but not getting much if any called for himself. And he will let Jeremy run the fast break where he'll give the Nets a ton of easy baskets.

The Nets are the perfect team for JLin. They don't have any ball dominate players. I believe they have just enough shooting on offense and enough athleticism on defense to compete on a nightly basis. Although, they are considered a young team, they actually are not. They have a good mix of youth, guys in their prime years, and savvy vets. My projected starting five:

JLin  28
Bojan 27
RHJ 21
Booker 28
Brook 28

SK 26
GV 29
Foye 33
AB 23
Scola 36
Hamilton 26
Caris 22
Harris 25

Finally, Brooklyn is the perfect city for Jeremy. New Yorkers love hard workers, with good character, who are winners. JLin will bring these things to the table ala Derek Jeter. I'm predicting 18.7 ppg with 7.2 asts leading the team to about 45 wins and a shot at the 7th or 8th seed. I predicted the Hornets would contend for home court last season and they missed that by one game. I know that this may sound delusional but thats what many said when we started this site. I truly believe that greatness is about to be unleashed and I can't wait to witness the next chapter in this amazing story of Jeremy Lin!

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