Thursday, October 27, 2016

Just one game

I'm not going to over react after one game against one of the top teams in the East on their home floor but here are my take aways:

Kenny has to find a balance between shooting and defense/athleticism . Not an easy task with this roster right now. But Caris Lavert will be a huge help in this area when he is ready to play. Also, we may need to get McCollough into the rotation as once Lopez is out there is no rim protection.

Vasquez is not close to 100 %  and with Foye day to day, the back up pg position is a major concern. I'm not sure if Whitehead is ready or capable at this point.

The Nets with so many new starters and players are obviously going to be a work in progress but you have to trust the process. It's not going to be easy and it will look real ugly at times but that's the beauty of it all. Our patience will be tested but this situation is still light years better than it's been in forever. So let's all try to remember this and enjoy the ride.

Also, let's not forget that Kenny is a rookie coach and will have growing pains as well. He is in the same boat.

The play of Hamilton and Harris were bright spots and the scoring from Bojan and SK were as I had expected. I'm sure scoring will not be a problem this season. But the defense, that's another story. They play hard and try to play team defense but athletically they struggle with on ball defense because of personnel. Foye will help a bit when he comes back. Chris McC, if he can get into rotation will help as I stated before but Lavert is the big one. He will be the game changer.

Jeremy's first game as a Net wasn't what I had hoped for but it was still solid. Coming out after making two straight 3's seemed a bit odd and preseasonish. I'm sure he wasn't too happy with that and he showed some anger with the spike block in the fourth. Maybe he wasn't happy with Kenny or maybe his own play and being down by a lot at that point. Whatever the case, we have tomorrow to look forward to and let's enjoy the process of getting better.

Why I trust the process:

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