Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Game #1 Nets @ Celtics Game Thread

We have almost come full circle. From the highs of Linsanity to the depths of the Lakers and the tank commander, we're about to witness the next chapter in the amazing Jeremy Lin story. Some call it storybook, or divine intervention, or karma, others may call it great luck, but I believe what Jeremy Lin believes, this is God's perfect plan!

The narrative will be that Jeremy has really improved. Of course he has, but all young talented point guards improve in their prime years. No, this is truly all about opportunity and about greatness. I have zero doubt that JLin will put up All Star type numbers as a starter given the keys to his own team. But Jeremy isn't just about numbers, he is about winning. And to be great you have to win. We are all fortune to witness how great he can become, starting tonight!!...Let's do this!!!

and don't forget, he is also about giving back:

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