Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bucks recap

No Brook due to rest, back to back, backup pg injured in first half, on the road against a decent team coming off a home lose, all you can ask is give yourself a chance and that's what they did.

Think about this; their starters with JLin: Bojan, RHJ, Booker, and Hamilton.

But great games from Bojan even on D!, Booker another strong double double, and Lin doing everything even though his shot was off.

I hope JLin fans are enjoying and relishing what they're seeing. Yes, they lost tonight but under the circumstances this was an incredible game by the Nets and Jeremy. They're playing the right way, are entertaining, and competitive!

I actually thought Jeremy had an amazing game and ironically very Jason Kidd like. Even though he couldn't hit a shot, he willed this team to compete and had them right there until that tip by Henson.

I like the fact that Jeremy said the loss was on him because of his shooting. That's called leadership. Taking the blame yourself. In my mind, you can't put it on missed shots because everyone has off nights and one shot made by anyone else would be the difference. I'd say the biggest reason for the loss was Vasquez getting hurt. Whitehead is just not ready.

Big home stand coming up: Bulls, Pistons, Hornets, and Wolves.

Can't wait for Monday versus the Bulls! The Bulls with DWade look like they're going to be a top tier team in the East. Let's see how our young Nets and fearless leader compare.

Also, just have to say the New York media is so so much better than all of the previous cities we had to endure. Man, this guy is a college student! 

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