Sunday, October 2, 2016

A look back...

Realizing that we may be getting many new visitors here soon, I wanted to give everyone some background on Jeremy and also what drew us to him to start this site.

Here are some of the best early video's which showed his potential and articles which really show where he came from and how he was raised:

When I saw this video, I knew he was different from other good Asian ballers:

We watched him in person at the SF Pro-Am and all said he is a sure fire NBA player:

Love the title of this article, "An All-Around Talent, Obscured by His Pedigree" by Chuck Culpepper:

Some prophetic words from Jeremy before Linsanity. Also, JLin gives a shout out to!:

Coming from humble beginnings, Jeremy had an incredible family support system growing up:

Seems like we're watching "Ground Hog Day", Jeremy being overlooked:

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