Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Plan B

Nice recovery picking up Greivis Vasquez and Luis Scola after missing out on Alan Crabbe and Tyler Johnson. It was still great to see Crabbe and TJ signing the Nets offer sheets. This shows that young talented players see the Nets as an up and coming team which will help signing others down the line. TJ actually had a larger offer that he turned down to sign with the Nets. Also, seeing them matched by great GM's like Riley and Olshey show that Marks is targeting the right guys.

I'm sure that Marks has a few moves left with 12 under contract so far and sharp shooting Beau Beech looking like he could make the 15 man roster. Here is my depth chart so far:

PG  Lin, GV, Isaiah 
SG  Bojan, SK, Levert
SF   RHJ, Bojan,McCollough
PF   Booker, Scola, McCollough
C    Lopez, Scola, Hamilton

Greivas is a solid vet backup to Jeremy and can play together with JLin at times in the backcourt.

I really think the Nets are a starter level shooting guard away from being serious playoff contenders. Bojan can really score and could play some 2 but he really can't defend that position. RHJ on the other hand can really defend at the 2 and 3 but just can't shoot so really hard to have him as your starting 2. I could see starting RHJ and Bojan and having them play the 2/3 on defense and 3/2 on offense but this isn't ideal. 

Caris Levert seems to have great upside but needs to get healthy and gain about 10 lbs this summer. Hopefully, he will surprise. I love Sean Kilpatrick as a spark plug scorer off the bench but he is a little undersized if forced to start at the 2.

Booker or Scola could start but definetely see Booker getting close to 30 minutes with Scola in the 20-25 minute range as he could play some 5 as well. His experience will be invaluable for this young team. It looks like Chris McCollough can play some 3 as well as 4. 

Hamilton reminds me of a Frank Kaminsky with basketball IQ. Should get some backup minutes but there won't be many minutes left after Lopez and Scola.

Well lets wait to see the final few moves by Marks as the Nets will still have close to 20 million in cap space. You could still make a move for another restricted FA like Harkless, Waiters, who I don't like, or even a Miles Plumlee or unrestricted Terrance Jones. Also, I think there could still be trades. We shall see.

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