Monday, July 18, 2016

Nets summer league evals

RHJ: impressive overall. D strong as expected but really surprised by good handles and excellent passing. He will surely be in rotation and a likely starter. Here is where Kenny's strong player development skills come in. If he improves his shot over the summer, which he has no confidence in right now, look out! Even without it, has so much in every other area.

Sean Kilpatrick: he played in the summer as he did at the end of last season. He can score in this league and will most likely be in rotation as Nets need his scoring. Able to get his own shot which not many others look like are able to do.

Chris McCollough: Athletic and raw, streaky but has a decent outside shot. I don't see him getting more than 10 minutes per game this season if that but could develop and contribute down the road. Or could be a trade piece.

Isaiah Whitehead: Strong and good body at about 220 lbs. But handle looked very shaky for supposed combo guard. Shot not there yet either. Looks like D league this year for him.

Beau Beech: Need to keep this guy in the organization some how. Great shooter for his size at about 6'8". But can't guard a lick. He could be a Steve Novak like player.

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