Friday, July 8, 2016

JLin given the keys to the Nets

Jeremy signed yesterday on 7/7/2016 and honestly, I've been skeptical about Jeremy Lin ever getting the chance to run his own team again like he did for that short stint in New York. For many of us long time Lin fans, its been a long tough row to hoe. Ever since the Knicks failed to match the Rockets poison pill and James Harden came in and took over, its been an uphill battle.

So, having the Nets rebuild their team around JLin this free agency period has been truly amazing! I'm so excited about what lies ahead for him and this team and wanted to share some quick thoughts from a few who are very close to Jeremy.

First of all, I've been very fortunate that through this site, I've been able to meet and get to know Doc Scheppler, Jeremy's long time shooting coach and Peter Diepenbrock, Jeremy's high school coach. I've been able to forge a relationship with both of these men, and I can attest to how special they are. Not, only great, remarkable basketball minds, but, just amazing awesome people. Both super humble, always willing to help out, and it's no wonder that they've had such a positive, impactful, continuing, and long lasting mentorship with Jeremy.

From Peter:

"I think this is the exact scenario Jeremy has been looking for since his Knick days with D'Antoni. It's just going to be so much fun finally watching him play for a coach that trusts him. We all know in this scenario the sky is the limit. I'm definitely concerned about the Nets roster for sure. Hopefully they can put some shooters around him. Marks has some serious work to do. I really like Coach Kenny. I think he is a very sincere person with high integrity. And Jeremy has always said he's a great coach. So could not be more excited for the upcoming season!!"

From Doc:

"I don't have anything to add to Peters assessment.. Spot on."

That's the shortest comment I've ever gotten from Doc! By the way, I whole heartedly agree with Coach Diepenbrock on all counts and am concerned as well with the roster. If they're able to get either or both TJ and Crabbe, I'd be thrilled. I'm sure they have a plan B if those two get matched and they're not done. There's still possible trades and guys who have to be moved at the last minute for salary cap reasons. This front office really gets it and I've been so impressed with all of Sean Marks' moves. It surely looks like all those years of suffering are coming to an end and we will finally get to see Jeremy unleashed, empowered, and enabled to play to his full potential. And I can't wait to see how great he can be!

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