Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Top 10 Spots for JLin

Here is my top 10 list of teams for JLin:

My main criteria include: best chance to start, style of play, coaching, surrounding talent, and city life. Also, I would love JLin to be able to play with one of the up and coming young shooting guards; Devin Booker (seems like out of the question with Suns), Kris Middleton, Rodney Hood, and Alan Crabbe.

Bottom 5 in no particular order:

Philadelphia 76ers
-Pros: Starter

-Cons: Too young, inexperienced coach, tough city to play in

Sacramento Kings
-Pros: Starting spot available if Rondo leaves, decent talent, close to home

-Cons: Team has been floundering since the Webber days, Cousins is a head case

Memphis Grizzlies
-Pros: Starting spot if Conley leaves, Marc Gasol, Tony Allen, bbq

-Cons: Slow pace of play, its Memphis

Chicago Bulls
-Pros: Starting spot available if Rose is traded, great city, Jimmy Butler

-Cons: Not sure of fit with Butler and not sure about Hoiberg

-Pros: Starter, Carlisle, winning culture

-Cons: Cuban, screwed him last time

Here are my top 5 in descending order:

5. Utah Jazz

Pros: Great young talent, good young coach, uptempo, Rodney Hood

Cons: They love Exum for some reason, culture fit

4. Milwaukee Bucks

Pros: Great young talent like the Jazz, Kris Middleton, freakish athleticism

Cons: City is blah, JKidd?, Giannis as point?

3. Houston Rockets

Pros: Starter with MDA, Harden if he decides he wants to win, 3's and at the basket finishes

Cons: Bad local media, Morey, Harden if he continues ISO

1b. New York Knicks

Pros: Starter, Hornacek, Kristaps, NYC, cap room

Cons: Melo if he doesn't change attitude, Dolan, slow pace but should speed up with Hornacek

1a. Brooklyn Nets

Pros: Starter, Atkinson, Marks, Cap room, decent vets, some young talent, uptempo passing game

Cons: Limited upside?,  Brooklyn not Manhattan

I can't decide between the Nets and Knicks. With either team, they need to get Crabbe to pair with Lin. This would be a great backcourt. The KP Lin pnr would be lethal with the Knicks. Also, the other FA's i'd go after would be Matt Barnes a great vet and Jon Leuer a nice up and coming stretch 4. Both the Knicks and Nets would be top 4 in East with the Lin and Crabbe backcourt.

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