Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Good and the Bad

The Good from yesterday:

The best news all day was Kenny Atkinson becoming the Nets head coach. They have around 39 million in cap space and I could see them signing JLin, Al Horford and Ken Bazemore. How about this starting line up:

Thad Young
Al Horford
Brook Lopez

The Bad:

Clifford seems like he is out of his league going against Spoelstra. So obvious you can't have Jefferson and Frank on the floor at the same time against the Heat because of their weak D. I would start Jefferson and force Whiteside to guard him and have multiple cutters. I'd sit Frank. Play Hawes with Jeremy to pull bigs away from basket and thus open lanes for JLin. Please hit JLin off of the curl action as they really can't stay in front of him.

The match ups are not great as the Miami guards and wings have so much size with quickness. However, the only guys who can hurt you from 3 are Deng, Johnson, and Richardson so you have to bring help off of the others. Defensively, you have to go under screens on Dragic and Wade.

Big Al's pick and roll D is bad so he needs to make it up on the offensive end and getting some fouls on Whiteside.

The lack of intensity, not being ready to play, and the poor game plan were very evident. I'm sure the Hornets will be ready and will bring playoff intensity in game 2. But let's see if Clifford is willing and able to make the necessary adjustments.

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