Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lin Leads Hornets To Playoff Victory

Jeremy Lin lead the Charlotte Hornets to it's first playoff of victory since 2002 and first in it's last 12 playoff games. JLin scored a team high 18 pts to go along with 4 assists and 4 rebounds and zero turnovers!

Amazingly, Lin is averaging less minutes in the playoffs (25.67) than in the regular season (26.3) while Lin has been arguably the Hornets best player over the first 3 games.

Those who watch Lin closely and really understand what he has been dealing with his whole career, realize the main reason for his great game was the injury to Nic Batum. With Lin moving up in the pecking order, he got better looks and more opportunity with the ball.

Let's hope Kaminsky doesn't get too carried away in game #4 after having one good playoff game. This guy could actually be pretty decent if he actually passed the ball to the open guy not named Kemba or Batum.

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