Thursday, April 14, 2016


I believe its great timing with major media writers like Tom Haberstroh not shying away from what we've seen throughout JLin's career. Even in his GSW days as the last guy off the bench, JLin would be head hunted with no repercussions.

This series with the Heat will be very physical and getting a fair whistle for JLin will be huge. Also, the Hornets have no chance with heavy iso ball from Kemba an Batum. It's very obvious they'll need lots of ball movement and side to side action against the Heat. I love what I've seen recently with JLin catching off of the curl action and being able to attack off of it. Also, Big Al down low with lots of cutting and hitting shooters off of the post up will be very effective in playoff basketball.

With the way the seedings have played out and as crazy as this sounds, I really believe the Hornets have a good shot to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. But before getting ahead of ourselves, I'll take it game by game, and just enjoy each time JLin steps on the court during the playoffs.

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