Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Game #38 Hornets vs Hawks Thread

The definition of insanity:

PJ starting over Lin.

Lin as a starter:

35 mpg
18.8 pts
3.3 rebs
3.1 asts
50% fg
41% 3pfg
76% ft

PJ as a starter:

19 mpg
6 pts
2.5 rebs
.7 asts
35% fg
33% 3pfg
83% ft

I know that most of JLin's starts are without Batum but still at what point will they actually start Lin in place of PJ? Mind boggling. PJ is a big body at least 15lbs overweight and a decent defender because of size. That's it! You have to play your best players and give them a chance to build chemistry. What are you saving Batum for? Plus there are some match ups where Lin can guard the 3.  Tonight is a perfect example where Lin guarding Bazemore and Batum on Korver makes more sense than PJ guarding any of those two.

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