Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What does JLin need to do to get more than 21 minutes?

As we kept saying here, be patient, and don't over analyze every movement by JLin. Over time, he will show everyone what we here have been saying for years. Jeremy Lin, given a fair opportunity, on a well coached team, with a modern offensive system, is an impact player. Not a so, so, backup, but truly a difference maker. We all know that there are reasons beyond his control that will not allow him start no matter how great he does unless there is an injury to Kemba. However, when it comes down to it, if Clifford wants to win, he needs Lin in there. The big thing that will probably go unreported by the major media is the defensive difference that was plain to see between JLin and Kemba. Kemba has always been a minus defender and struggled mightily against Jose Calderon and Zach Lavine last night. JLin played shutdown D on Calderon as well as KMart last night. Just a huge huge difference. And what about offensively?

Per 36 minute stats for JLin through 8 games, a decent sample size:

21.2 pts
5 asts
3.8 rebs
1.4 sts
15 fga
44% fg
35.7% 3pt fg
83% ft

The #'s that stand out to me:
15 fga per36. That's even more than his Linsanity season (14.7).
7 ft attempts per36. Same as Linsanity season
21.2 pts per36. Better than Linsanity season (19.6)

Again, this is just a small sample size but being able to do this in just 22.5 minutes per game, with a new team, with others trying to get there own,  not truly being in sync with this team yet, and not in rhythm with his 3 point shot yet, it is truly truly amazing. Just imagine if he is given the keys and 33 minutes? We can only dream.

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