Saturday, November 7, 2015


Saw a different game then most. I guess watching it latter after hearing all that stuff has something to do with it.

JLin played fine will be fine.

First, the hierarchy of the team hasn't been settled. You can see Batum really is trying to prove he is the 2nd playmaker. JLin doesn't see it much once it's in Batums hands. This must and will change once the coaches see that Batum is not that guy. He is a great glue guy but he trying to do too much. His stats show that.

Lamb is playing great but let's see what happens when defenses start taking him serious and they also start attacking his defense. He'll come back to earth.

Hawes, is still not always giving it up for JLin on outlets instead dribbling it himself. Can't believe Clifford will let this continue. The turnover that JLin got on his entry pass was at least 50% Hawes fault. He has to seal better and release and come to the ball.

Don't like to complain about the refs but 1/5 or 6 50/50 calls went our boy's way. The push off on the jumper could have been a no call with Barea flopping. Powell landed on him and it should have been 3 ft's. He didn't get the charge when Parsons ran him over.

Also, he took and just missed good open looks. He is shooting 13.8 shots per 36. Best since Linsanity.

Folks, things aren't perfect, they never will be but Jeremy is playing well the team is winning and I don't know about you but I'm going to just 

enjoy this ride!

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