Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Cliff notes

Loved how JLin and the Hornets played last night. The ball movement and spacing were excellent leading to great shooting but also the Bulls D is not the same without Coach Thibs. Not even close. And wow, Derrick Rose is just a shell of his old self. From MVP to this, things can really change quickly in the NBA.

If you are watching league pass with the Hornets feed you get an extra treat. Coach Clifford is always near center court and you can hear him on every possession. "Under, under" telling guys to go under the screen or "get ready to help" telling help defenders when there is a mismatch on the ball. Man, it's so refreshing to hear a guy who just understands the game and instructs his players knowledgeably and respectfully. His post game interviews are so honest and informative too. None of this blame game or excuses.

And Steph man! He is just on another level. I've been thinking this for awhile but he has been the best player in the league for over the past year. He is changing the game. Like Michael Jordan but in a different way. He is just about skill. Ball handling to get your shot off, and shooting like no other. He is on another planet right now and I can't believe there are still people who don't even think he is the best point guard in the league. He is not only the best point guard but the best player period. Can't believe so many so called experts and even many players said Harden was MVP. Its taking awhile but eventually everyone will see whats been obvious to me for some time. He is just un-guardable, unselfish, and all about winning.

Before JLin was cut by the Warriors, he was working out daily with Curry:

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