Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MKG Out now what?

With Michael Kidd Gilchrist out for maybe the whole season with a torn labrum, what does this mean for Jeremy and the Hornets?

First, let me say that I love MKG's game but his shooting was still a work in progress and a liability. In today's game, it's tough not having at least 3 three point shooting threats on the court at one time. I felt this was going to be an issue at some point this year especially with MKG and Big Al both being non 3 point shooters.

As much as I think the team will miss MKG, his defense can be made up by moving Nic Batum back to his natural small forward position for most of his minutes.  You then move JLin to the starting 2. Jeremy Lamb looks like he may able to give you about 18 minutes as the backup 2. Roberts can fill in the remaining few minutes left in the backcourt. PJ doesn't look like an NBA player to me right now.

At small forward I see Marvin Williams and Lamb splitting the 15 minutes or so left over from Batum.

Btw, it was great to see JLin jump in as twitter war peace maker between huge JLin supporter Nathan Gottlieb and At The Hive writer Austin Peters. However, Peters lost total credibility with me anyway when he mentioned on a podcast that the Hornets should pick up Avery Bradley as a wing player replacement for MKG. Bradley is a 1/2 like JLin and is just 6'2". How does he mention Bradley as a replacement on the podcast but doesn't say a word about Jeremy in his previous article about how to replace MKG? Go figure.

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