Saturday, October 31, 2015

Game #2 Observations

Didn't get to watch the game live but followed here and partially with online play by play and just watched DVR this morning.

First, it wasn't as bad as I expected, at all. Yes, he seemed out of sync, hesitant, and obviously didn't play well. But, it wasn't a total disaster as you'd think. His 3 pt and ft stroke are in tune. He is getting to the line which really was his staple during Linsanity. JLin's D was actually pretty solid against Schroeder and Teague.

If 16 pts 5.33 asts p36min is his off game, I'm OK with that. Also, losing on the road to teams expected to be in the playoffs is not so bad. If this continues at home and against weaker teams, then yes, we have a true cause for concern. 

Man, but listening to Dominique tells you all you have to know about how JLin is looked at by many in the league and what he has had to face. He put down JLin at every instant he could but when PJ hit a 3 he said he could heat up anytime. PJ is shooting .298 from 3 and .319 from the field in his NBA career. After JLin who is shooting 57% from 3, hit 2 three's, what did we hear from him? Crickets. Also, Teague drove baseline on JLin at the end of the game and at that instant Dom bad mouthed his D again then JLin stole the ball but the ref called a phantom foul. Once more, what did we hear from Dom? Nada, silence, not one word. It's so obvious the bias he has against JLin that it is down right sickening. But this is what he is up against and what he will overcome.

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