Thursday, October 29, 2015

Game 1 Observations

-The Heat looked real strong. They moved the ball well, played good d, and the athleticism of Green and Winslow make them real tough. If they stay healthy I see them as a top between 2-4 seed in the East. Still probably need another big guy.

-The Hornets played like a team with 2 of their top 3 players playing together for the first time.  Remember, the Heats core players have championship pedigree. The Hornets will be fine offensively. It may just take a little time.

-I'm a little worried defensively with no real rim protector. They'll need to play much better team defense but Clifford should be able to get them to do so. Need a lot better close outs and rotations to help the helper.

-I thought Jeremy had a real strong game with his great shooting (17pts on 5-10 fg, 2-3 3pfg, 5-6 ft's) carrying over from preseason. He didn't play much at the point but I don't see that as much of a problem as the ball just sticking a bit last night. Part of it was the Heat defense and also the Hornets just not running their offense real well. They need to have better off ball movement and better shot selection especially from Kemba. Defensively, he had a tough matchup with Green but that's where you need the team defense to kick in.

-Jeremy I thought over dribbled a bit but I think that can happen when you come off the bench and the ball is not moving too well. He also passed up a few mid range jumpers that he looked great taking in preseason. That's easily correctable. His 12.8 shots per 36 weren't too low especially going to the line a bit. I would love to see it get up in the 13's or higher though.

-They need to find Jeremy in transition a lot more. He didn't seem to look for the outlet either so probably the game plan. You saw when he did get it, he was effective.

-Like I said, before the start of the season, the PJ experiment is a reach. Especially if he can't hit the three, it will be tough.

-JLin showed again why he should be starting. He was the best Hornets player last night just like he's been throughout the whole preseason. At some point, hopefully real soon, he will be the starter. All in all a real good start for Jeremy.

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