Sunday, March 8, 2015

Game 62 Lakers vs Mavs Pre Game Thread

I thought Jeremy played solid this past game. The Griz put their defensive stoppers, Tony Allen and Nick Calathes (very good defender) on JLin. They didn't set screens at all to get him open and he basically got iced out by his teammates. No real directive or urgency to get him the ball even though he has been by far their most productive player since All-star break. 

However, Clarkson ran a bunch of pick and rolls and did well with getting Conley tied up on them. Clarkson has been playing well offensively. I don't have a problem with him at all offensively. However, he has been pretty bad defensively and doesn't set up teammates well. Thats why his plus minus is so horrible. 

Dallas plays at a much faster pace than Memphis and they don't have any real defensive wing stoppers so I expect Jeremy to get back into his grove tonight.

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