Monday, January 5, 2015

Keep it up JLin

I've really liked the way Jeremy has started this New Year off. He is averaging 22 pts per 36 minutes in these first 3 games. He can't control that he is only getting less than 24 mpg but he is making the most of his limited time thats for sure. That was a tough loss but after you see a guy so hot like Lillard, don't you send an immediate double team to get the ball out of his hands? Or why not at least put in the more mobile, Ed Davis to help hard hedge the pnr up over the 3 pt line? Anyway, that's out of Jeremy's control but I love that Jeremy took that last shot even though he airballed it.You have to be willing to be the goat if you miss.

Also, forgot to add that its been great seeing him close out games. This is invaluable basketball experience that he got short changed while in Houston.

Kobe was never afraid to take that big shot but even he has gone through his share of airballs on last second shots:

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