Sunday, December 7, 2014

Game 21 Lakers vs Pelicans 1st Half Game Thread - Lin benched

Lin benched. 

Jeremy will be coming off the bench tonight. He really didn't help himself with his up and down play as a starter. However, the biggest problem I see now is Boozer being demoted as well. I actually liked the bench players better than the starting five as they play harder and actually pass the ball. 

Now, you have the same problem of Jeremy being hung out to dry with Boozers horrible pnr defense and Boozers bad shot selection of hoisting contested mid range jumpers instead of swinging the ball to open three point shooters. At least he has Ellington who is a good catch and shoot threat but lets see if they even let Jeremy run the second team.

He'll probably sub in for Price at the 8 minute mark and Kobe will run the point until the end of the quarters. He may get 5-6 minutes per half to run the point but we'll see if he even gets that.

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