Sunday, November 16, 2014


It's never been easy being a Jeremy Lin fan and tonight was one of the toughest ever. I'd say for sure being cut by the Warriors and then by the Rockets on Christmas night were worse. But this one is right up there.

It was heartbreaking to watch Jeremy's play tonight as he just looked like a broken man. You can see it in his body language that he just can't get into a rhythm with this team. He is obviously a player who needs to be in a comfort zone to play well, and right now he is far from it. It's like a cruel joke that he has had to play with 4 of maybe the all time most ball dominant players ever in Monte Ellis, Melo, James Harden, and now Kobe. With it seemingly getting worse each team change. To compound matters, this team has no 3 point threat to help space the floor for him. Maybe, Nick Young coming back will be that floor spacer, we'll see. 

There are a few positives in all of this ugliness though. His shooting numbers are great when he does shoot, 37-40 from the line and 39% from 3 while not fitting in is pretty darn good. The other huge positive is that this team is so bad, that they actually need Jeremy to play and play well, just to have a chance to win a game. Thus, he should still get opportunities. 

All I can say is like when he got cut before Linsanity, I'm sticking by him and not losing faith. It doesn't look great right now but as a true fan, I'm not going to jump ship and abandon him when he needs us the most. Hang in there Jeremy as better days are ahead.

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