Friday, September 26, 2014


Excerpt from Mitch Kupchak's press conference transcription:

Q: On how he sees Jeremy Lin going into this season:
Kupchak: Don’t know how it’s going to shake out. I read an article today where I guess Jeremy and Steve spent some time together. I know they’ve been in the building together, working out and scrimmaging. There was reference to Jeremy learning to play the position better or a little more knowledgeable by playing with or underneath Steve, which you would expect.

(Lin) also commented that it doesn’t matter to him whether he starts or doesn’t start. So he’s coming in with the right attitude. And for us to pick up a player like Jeremy Lin – we also got a pick out of that deal, well actually two picks – and at the same time maintain our flexibility going forward at a position where we needed help (is important). This is before we knew Steve Nash was able to work out every day and play every day and come back at night, come back the next day. This was back in July.

So we feel fortunate and (Lin is) young. His workouts here have been excellent, so we think he’ll make a contribution. And he’ll be motivated. Like a bunch of guys on our team, this is the last year on their deal. So they’re gonna want to play well I think a lot of them will play well regardless, but being on the last year of your deal sometimes does make a difference.

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