Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jeremy Lin is a Laker!

Yes, it's true. How crazy is that to hear, JLin a Laker? You couldn't have written a better script for the beginning of chapter 3 of the Jeremy Lin Saga. I don't want to make predictions again as my prediction with Houston surely fell flat. However, I'm very confident that Jeremy will surprise everyone if not shock many, with his play, given a fair opportunity this season.

Nice overview below by if you don't have time to watch full press conference but the media always misses Jeremy's underlying messages. He is so easy to decipher by the way he answers his questions with his words and body language.

"I'm a much more complete player","I'm trying to make history again", "Be much bigger and better than I was before"

Translation: If you think Linsanity was crazy, wait to you see what I can do given a fair chance to play point guard for the LA Lakers.

Why choose the number 17 again? "I wore it in the D League when I was with the Reno Bighorns and I wore it New York"

Translation: I want #7 but Xavier didn't want to give it up.

"Last year was an up and down year for me",  "My approach shouldn't ever change it should just be in attack mode all the time cause that's who I am as a player", "My brand of basketball is attacking, on the go, playmaking"

Translation: I was held back by Mchale and the staff and was not used properly. Instead of letting me attack and make mistakes and learn, I was asked to play to my weaknesses, torn down, told I can't be a great player because what happened in NY was a fluke, and sent to the bench to back up a player that I'm better than.

Just a reminder, here some of the guys Jeremy was thought to be worse then at the time:

Acie Law
Charles Jenkins
Toney Douglas
Johnny Flynn

I'm sure I'm missing others. At least Pat Beverly is the best of bunch. I actually like Bevs game and think he is a great backup pg.

Lastly, like all players in the association, JLin still has a lot to work on. I love that he is working hard on his floater as that's been a weakness in his game, causing him to get stuck "in between" lots of times.   I'd like to see continued improvement on the defensive side as well. He made big strides getting rid of the "hunchback stance", but I'd still like to see more explosive hip turn and more aggressive intensity on the ball. Also, better decision making on his help defense.

Lakers Press Conference:

Dan Patrick Interview:

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