Saturday, April 26, 2014

Game 4 Rockets @ Blazers Pre Game Thread

Great win last night and a huge play by Jeremy leading to the big shot by Troy Daniels:

-Lin got in rhythm offensively as he played the entire 4th and OT and got to touch the ball some.
-This lead to him being effective distributing the ball and making the great pass at the end.
-His 3 point shot was off as his arc angle is still a bit high.
-If he brings that down a tad, he'll be fine for Game 4.
-I give McHale a lot of credit sticking with Troy Daniels throughout.
-Daniels is the type of player that will excel playing with JLin, great catch and shoot player.
-Jeremy has made some mental errors in late game situations.
-Going for contested layup with 3pt lead, and fouling when up 3 in game 2.
-This is the type of game experiences that are crucial for JLin's development.
-Sometimes you gotta make the mistakes to learn.
-Going small is where the Rockets advantages lie as:
-TJones and Parsons are really struggling with their match ups.
-But I'm sure that Parsons, who has been horrible so far, will start playing better.

-It looks like the Rockets have figured out the matchups.
-Asik and Howard on Aldridge, Bev and Lin on Lillard.
-Game 4 should be fun!

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