Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tried like heck but no deal

Can't blame Jeremy for his lackidasical play when they're trying like heck to trade you.

Excerpt from above link:

Zach Lowe (2:03 PM EST)
Breaking: Daryl Morey somehow just got Jordan Hamilton for Aaron Brooks. Morey loves to take shots on failed projects who once had first-round talent, and Hamilton fits the bill. He looks like he could be a silky scorer, only he never really scores efficiently and plays zippo defense. He dominates summer league with herky-jerky off-the-bounce stuff and midpost scoring that doesn’t translate to the NBA. But he’s got good size, he’s a league-average 3-point shooter, and he’s on a cheapo expiring deal. I could see Houston giving him a small shot if they try to revive the small-ball lineups they’ve ditched of late. It’s not like Francisco Garcia is lighting the world on fire.

The Rox have no space for Brooks, barring a Jeremy Lin deal, which they’ve tried like heck to execute all day. Denver needs a point guard, since they have zero healthy ones. But they’re toast this season anyway, as far as the playoffs go.

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