Saturday, February 22, 2014

Crunch Time Experience

The biggest thing for Jeremy was just getting the experience to play in crunch time against GSW. This game was played at a playoff game pace and these 4th quarter and OT minutes are invaluable to his development. Even as the starter last year, he missed alot of these situations.

We all know there is too much iso at the end of games but one thing Jeremy really needs to do in clutch situations is create separation when he can't just drive by his man. He needs to use a step back or a strong up and under move. Too many times, he's stuck giving up his dribble after not being able to create his shot or shot for others. He is also very hesitant to put up a shot that may be deemed bad or forced. I know its not all his fault as the Rockets late game offense stinks with bad spacing, little screen action, and not a lot of off ball movement.

I'm sure he is fully aware of all that I say, we say, and what everyone else says. He watches game tape of himself and is his own biggest critic. I have no doubt that he will keep learning and improving and will be much better in these types of late game situations come playoff time.

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