Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rockets @ Hawks Pregame

I thought Jeremy played OK against the Lakers. The good: He got to the line, kept shooting even after missing a bunch, played solid defense against Marshall and Nick Young. The not so good: His free throw shooting is killing me. He has got to do a better job and get above 80%. His shot arc looked too high again and he didn't shoot with any confidence. His passing/timing was off and he is missing open guys. He really looks out of sync playing with these guys. With all that said, he still had 13,4, and 4.

If he can just get in sync with this team and just find his rhythm, he will be fine. It was nice to see him actually get the chance to play some extended minutes and left in to play through some rough patches. This was due of course to Parsons and Bev being out. But I'll take it.

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