Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rockets lose to Kings

I was relieved that JLin didn't play against the Kings. He definitely didn't look close to 100% the previous two games. Funny how not much said about Bev's horrible stat line vs Isaiah Thomas by Rockets media. You know if Jeremy started and had that kind of game, he'd be getting slammed.

By the way, even with Jeremy's past few stinkers, his PER is still at 17.96 vs Bev's 11.8. Not a peep out of the Rockets guys about this either. Also, sample size is not too small anymore at about 1/4 of the season.

Anyway, I know many are clamoring for a trade but there aren't many teams for Jeremy to end up at where he would be in a better situation. Pat Beverly is one of the worse if not the worse starting PG in the NBA. One scenerio I could see would be a three way with Boston, the Rockets, and another team; with the Celtics sending out Rondo. Ironically, the Celtics would still have Avery Bradley who is very similar to Beverly but slightly better.

What other teams do you really think would start him? Maybe the Bucks? Nah, they would start Nate Wolters over him for sure...

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