Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year Jeremy Lin Fans!

It was a fitting way to end the year, as the good and bad of this Rockets team could not be more glaring. Jeremy had a very strong overall game but with not much help.  His defense was stellar for most of the night. He had to constantly fight over screens guarding the ultra quick Isaiah Thomas. On offense, I doubt he had more than a few screens set for him the whole game. He was efficient and got to the rim with strong finishes.

Rudy Gay had his way with CP and as I've said for a long time, he will struggle against the athletic 3's. Cousins outplayed Howard and Harden was his usual turnstile self on D. Amazingly, Rockets announcer, Clyde Drexler, could only find fault in almost anything JLin did. Just mind boggling. How this guy can be an analyst or taken serious is just beyond me. Finally, hearing McHale talk about not having energy as the reason for the loss is just another head scratcher. When will James Harden's selfishness be brought up? He did have a strong game and played well for most of the night but once we got to the last few minutes, everyone in the Arena knew that ISO Harden was coming and it blew up in his face. 

Maybe this is the turning point, maybe not. At least it seems to be getting clearer and clearer as we start the New Year. Jeremy is not the problem with this team. Jeremy's D is not the problem. As they are finding out in New York, if you hitch your wagon to a selfish player with no D, things may look good for a while but it will eventually prove to be just a facade.

Anyway, I loved Jeremy's play tonight and with a few days of rest coming up and no Beverly for another few weeks, I'm just really excited and optimistic about his play for the New Year.

Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for all of the great discussion on the blog! I know that Jeremy and his family really appreciate all of the support that we show him here!

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