Thursday, November 14, 2013

On Fiya!

This was so fun to watch! Jeremy the backup blowing up. Yeah, you hear it on every telecast and in almost every article. Jeremy is better suited as a back up on this team. Beverly is a better fit, even some so ridiculous as to say he got beat out. The longer Jeremy comes off the bench, the sillier he'll make McHale look.

How about getting your shooting guard to pass the ball to the open man? How hard is that? Isn't it so obvious that the fit problem is a Harden problem not a Jeremy problem? Yes, Jeremy needs to defend better but that goes for the whole Rockets team. Right now, they're all awful on d.

Anyway, the loss dampers things only a tad as how can you not love 34 and 12? 9 for 15 from 3? He is shooting 51% from 3 (19/37)!! Still small sample size but he is stroking it. Doc Scheppler is the man!!! Maybe some of the other top NBA guards who can't shoot the 3 like Derrick Rose, John Wall, Rajon Rondo, and  Tony Parker should be giving him a call.

Now, it's on to the Mecca, where everything started! One thing I really miss is how they cover their hoops in NY. They're very passionate and they actually have a few writers who really know their basketball and actually tell the truth!

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