Friday, November 1, 2013

Not Pretty but a win, 113-105

I'd give JLin a C+ in tonights home win over the Mavs:

30 mins
4 asts
3 rebs
3 stls
+14 plus/minus

-Got to the line 7 times and made 6
-Solid D on Calderon who had a goose egg, 0 points.
-Finished strong at the basket in the first half
-Plus minus of +14
-Had some nice ball hawking steals

-Missed 3 open 3's then was hesitant to shoot when open
-Was out of control a few times in the open court, ending up with 6 TO's
-Didn't defend Mekel (backup pg) very well
-Not as aggressive in 2nd half

You can tell that Jeremy hasn't played much with the starters. At least the ball movement was a lot better against man to man compared to opening night but the zone killed them. Also, Hack a Howard just totally kills any rhythm. I guess you could say Jeremy had a solid game. Honestly, I think he needs to play better if he wants to stay the starter. Obviously, it's just the first and just one game but every game is a chance for him to make a statement and separate himself from Bev. Tonight, he just maintained the status quo.

JLin Post Game Interview

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