Tuesday, November 5, 2013


It's just one game and I believe the Rockets will still be a top 4-5 team in the West, but wow, Harden's Defense! 4th best player in the league?

You can cry all you want about Jeremy but even with Beverly there, Harden is not stopping Reddick with that type of effort and technique. He is so lazy and not being called out on his D last year is all on McHale. I'm sure it was talked about behind closed doors last season but he was hardly ever pulled for lackadaisical defense. On that note, Parsons wasn't great either against the Clips.

This is "the pot calling the kettle black". How in the world can they complain about Jeremy's D with the way Harden and to a lesser extent Parsons, defend? I caught the end of the first and all of the 2nd so I didn't see the whole game but from what I saw, Jeremy played CP3 pretty well. JLin basically couldn't breathe on him without getting called for a foul. Jeremy also fought through all of those moving picks well. It's obvious their team D has a long way to go and I'm sure they'll get much better.

I loved how the vets, Garcia and Casppi show their frustration with Harden when he hogs or with Howard. They're not afraid to show their displeasure with these super stars when they are not playing team ball. This should go a long way in righting the ship.

I also loved that Jeremy got to pad his stats a bit at the end, even though McHale wanted to pull him with AB waiting to check in. This is the extra 3-4 points that Harden gets every game. Amazingly, even with Harden sitting out the 4th, he still played 3 more minutes then Jeremy. On a side note, saw MCW against the Warriors padding his stats at the end of a blow out. Of course he is rookie and he is going to play 36 minutes a night and at the end of all games. If JLin was in his place, he would put up 20 and 8 period.

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